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Creating a User-Centric Toolkit for Service Providers to Address Elder Abuse in Immigrant Communities in Ontario

About The Project

This project will address elder abuse among immigrants in Ontario, building on our team’s strong partnerships and extensive work in the area of immigrant wellbeing. We have two primary aims. First, we will identify key risk factors for elder abuse at the micro (individual and family), meso (community), and macro (societal) levels, and the culturally acceptable strategies to address them, among Arabic speaking communities in Ontario. Second, we will produce a toolkit to support service providers and decision-makers to (1) identify common risk factors for elder abuse among immigrants, (2) assess unique risk factors and needs in the particular immigrant community(ies) they serve, and (3) generate culturally-appropriate strategies to address elder abuse in these communities.

This project aligns with Priority # 4: activities focused on the safety and well-being of seniors. By investigating risk factors for abuse at the individual, family, community and societal levels, this project also aligns with Priority # 3 (promote intergenerational partnerships), Priority # 2 (fostering age-friendly community development) and Priority # 6 (encouraging and supporting activities, events, and programs that promote education and learning related to seniors’ issues). This project also aligns with the following two secondary priorities: 1) supporting seniors from diverse cultures, including recent immigrants, and 2) raising awareness about the issue of elder abuse and informing seniors about available resources.

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